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Barbell Analysis

Video analysis of barbell movements in combination with your movement pattern and range of motion assessment allows you to improve performance and decrease injury risk.

Image by Ricardo Henri

What is a Barbell analysis

The easiest way to analyze barbell movements is via video. This allows you to see your movement through each phase of your lift. It also allows you to see where your joints may not be supporting you properly, as well as where areas of poor motor control that is leading to technique issues.

When is a barbell analysis Used in Your Rehab?

An assessment of barbell movements is important to understand your movement patterns, the areas of strength through your lifts as well as areas of weakness throughout the lift which could cause future injury. When rehabilitating from an injury, we don't want to see you stop training. There are always ways to modify training to allow you to continue to train while rehabbing and video analysis is a great way to provide feedback on form and technique to get back into it following injury.

Why is a barbell analysis Used in Your Rehab?

The proper barbell path for each Olympic lift has different phases and requires different angles of the joints to complete the lift. Many athletes are strong enough to muscle through workouts; however, when lifting smaller weights, abnormalities may be absent or compensated for by the strength of the athlete. But when the athlete is lifting a barbell, technique becomes of the greatest importance.

How Front Runner Physiotherapy is changing Barbell Analysis for York, Pa.

We stand by the phrase, “if you are not assessing then you are guessing.” During our evaluation process, the goal is to understand the state of where tissues are in a healing process and then apply that information to how it affects movement. In some cases, movement analyses are required for breaking past a plateau in performance or to help retrain movement patterns from a feedback perspective. You got goals and movements that you want to get back to doing. Contact us today to find out how a movement analysis might be beneficial to help you with your performance goals.

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