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Running Analysis

Analyze your running pattern to diagnose the issues causing pain, discomfort, or plateau in performance.


What is a gait analysis

The easiest way to analyze gait is via video. This allows you to see your movement through each phase of your gait. Video analysis allows you to see movement components, such as your stride length and foot contact placement. It also allows you to see where your joints may not be supporting you properly, and areas of poor motor control during the gait cycle.

When is a Running analysis Used in Your Rehab?

A gait analysis is something that is discussed with all patients. Formal video gait analysis is used to see abnormal movements that reduce running efficiency.

Why is a Running analysis Used in Your Rehab?

Video gait analysis is a helpful way to assess your running mechanics to improve your running speed and endurance, as well as reduce your risk of injury.

How Front Runner Physiotherapy is changing Running Analysis for York, Pa.

We stand by the phrase, “if you are not assessing then you are guessing.” During our evaluation process, the goal is to understand the state of where tissues are in a healing process and then apply that information to how it affects movement. In some cases, movement analyses are required for breaking past a plateau in performance or to help retrain movement patterns from a feedback perspective. You got goals and movements that you want to get back to doing. Contact us today to find out how a movement analysis might be beneficial to help you with your performance goals. 

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