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Exercise Prescription


What Does Exercise Prescription mean to Front Runner Physiotherapy?

We believe that exercise prescription should be an individualized approach based on your strengths and weaknesses to therapeutically remodel tissue and reduce pain. Whether your goal is to reduce pain, return to sport, improve range of motion, regain fine motor skills, or improve balance, none of this is achievable and maintainable without the strength to move and control our bodies.

When is Exercise Used in Your Rehab?

Front Runner Physiotherapy prides itself on integrating strength and conditioning into the therapeutic rehabilitation process. We believe that exercise prescription is the cornerstone for a solid rehabilitation program. We want to maximize your fitness! Exercises prescription is about being able to excel past your baseline! We are not in the interest of "returning you back to your prior level of function." We are interested in reaching fitness levels never through possible! It is about pushing the body to become resilient and build a capacity for the demands of life, work, and sports to hold the line and not falter!

Why is Exercise used in your rehab?

Passive modalities work for short-term pain relief and tissue healing, but we at Front Runner Physiotherapy believe that the human body is meant to be strong. A growing body of evidence suggests that cookie-cutter programs do not work. No one ever got healthier laying on a table or foam rolling. We are in the business of maximizing fitness! There has never been a time in someone's life when they wished they were weaker. Exercises need to be dosed much like medications being dosed with a certain weight, frequency, intensity, and type of exercise. Injured and healthy tissues respond differently to mechanical load, and it is important to have proper guidance for injured tissues under load. Proper adherence to these principles can reduce the risk of future injury.

How Front Runner Physiotherapy is Changing Exercise Prescription for York, Pa.

Your body is never meant to “just rest” after an injury! Let’s stop accepting that as the norm but it is not meant to be doing 3 sets of 10 exercises from a cookie-cutter program. When you visit Front Runner Physiotherapy in York, Pennsylvania, you will be given a custom exercise program based on your evaluation. This program utilizes the foundational principles from the exercise science and strength & conditioning realm to help you achieve and exceed your goals! Your exercise program is meant to keep you consistent with working out to address your weaknesses while maintaining your strengths. You have goals you want to achieve and Front Runner Physiotherapy is here to get you back to those goals! Get in touch with us so that we can keep you active while dealing with an injury instead of just resting your injury out.

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