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At Front Runner Physiotherapy, we pride ourselves on having transparency with our pricing. Front Runner Physiotherapy was created out of frustration for the current healthcare system regarding surprise bills/costs many patients would receive months after their treatments. 

We want you to know exactly what our price is, plain and simple. 

Single Session Price

Single Session Rate


Every session with Front Runner Physiotherapy is a one-on-one session, meaning it is you and a doctor of physical therapy. Period. There are no aids, no technicians, and no physical therapy assistants. Every session begins with a detailed and specific assessment or reassessment after the initial evaluation, because there is no guesswork with our approach. We constantly are looking at the changes in your progress. As we continue to make those changes, we are looking at how those changes are providing long-term solutions to your health and wellness.


Packages are available and are a great option for patients to help reduce the cost of physical therapy and help stay commented on following through with a plan of care.

Hesitant? When we say we want to flip the script on healthcare, we mean it! We want you to feel 100% confident that Front Runner Physiotherapy can help you get back to achieving your goals!

Before investing your time, effort, or resources into working with us, we offer a FREE 15-minute consultation with our Doctor of Physical Therapy. This consultation is designed in 3 parts. First, it helps us determine if physical therapy is the right course of action. Second, we want you to feel comfortable that your issues are being heard/can be addressed. Lastly, you should feel that we are the right fit for you!


If we do not check all 3 of those boxes then we promise you that we will find you the right provider for your concerns/problems.

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