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Our Mission

At Front Runner Physiotherapy, our purpose is clear and unwavering: to redefine the rehabilitation experience. We stand at the forefront of optimizing movement, infusing every action with meaning and vitality. Our commitment is to usher in a new era of health and wellness, guided by our patient-first philosophy and the latest in evidence-based practices. We embody the synergy of movement, passion, and purpose, empowering each individual to not just heal, but to thrive. In our hands, rehabilitation is transformed into a dynamic journey towards unparalleled well-being and performance.

Our Vision

At Front Runner Physiotherapy, we are forging a path where health and empowerment converge, shaping a brighter future for the south central Pennsylvania community and beyond. We believe in turning ordinary into extraordinary, fostering strength, health, and joy in every individual we encounter. Our approach is revolutionary, not just in delivering physical therapy but in setting new standards for healthcare. We're committed to being the architects of a transformative era where every person we touch is equipped to achieve remarkable feats of wellness and vitality. This journey is our commitment to the community, a testament to the power of transformative care.

Our Promise

At Front Runner Physiotherapy, our promise goes beyond just an exceptional rehabilitation experience. We're committed to making your health, fitness, and goals our primary focus. We challenge the status quo of rushed appointments and fragmented care. Instead, we promise a journey marked by consistency, attention, and personalized treatment.

We are dedicated to a comprehensive approach in our evaluations and treatments, utilizing the latest scientific evidence to expedite your return to what you love. We value your time, understanding the importance of efficiency in therapy. Our model of one-on-one care with a consistent therapist ensures a faster, more effective path to achieving your goals, redefining what it means to experience truly patient-centric physical therapy.


Our team

Dr. Sean Sebeck

Physical Therapist, PT, DPT, Cert. DN, Cert. APHPT, AOLC

Dr. Sean Sebeck has been practicing sports, orthopedic, and performance physical therapy with an emphasis on manual therapy since graduating from DeSales University in 2017. 

Dr. Sebeck has advanced training in orthopedic physical therapy and manual therapy. In addition to treating traditional orthopedic injuries, Sean has extensive experience working with all levels of athletes and active individuals. Still, he specializes in managing fitness athletes, tactical athletes, runners, and high school/college athletes. 

When Sean is not treating patients, he is educating at various undergraduate and graduate kinesiology programs and numerous PT and PTA programs around the country. 


  • Doctor of Physical Therapy- DeSales Univeristy 2017

  • Bachelor of Science- West Chester University of Pennsylvania 2013


  • Certification in Applied Prevention and Health Promotion Therapy through Institute of Clinical Excellence 2019

  • Advance Olympic Lifting Certification through Totten Training 2019

  • Certification in Dry Needling through American Academy of Manipulative Therapy 2018

  • United States Track and Field Level 1 Coach 2010

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